Opening the Door to Literacy

 Igniting Love of the Written Word in Every Child

New 5-module live video course starting in Summer 2025

Registration opening in Spring 2025


Ignite the love of the written word within every child through a deeper understanding of the development of language in the human being and the use of imagination with a systematic approach for teaching reading and writing. This course will begin with an exploration of the deeper spiritual foundations of language and then journey to the practical components in the Waldorf classroom in grades 1-3. You’ll discover how learning to read and write unfolds for a child, the common challenges that children may have, and how to support those with learning differences in being successful in your classroom. You’ll learn simple and easy ways to assess a child’s progress in the classroom and to identify when additional support is needed. Prerequisite for course: Waldorf Class Teacher training or experience teaching in Waldorf education.