Living Mathematics

Awakening the Natural Mathematician that Lives within Every Child

New 5-module live video course starting in SUMMER 2024 

Registration opening Spring 2024


By middle school, we hear students, particularly girls, say, “Math is hard. I can’t do this.” and “I’m not good at Math.”

Why does this happen? And how can we shift this as teachers in the classroom?

When we teach mathematics, a common approach for teachers is to present a story problem and then demonstrate how to solve it. Next, the students apply that procedure to similar practice problems.

But current research in the teaching of math shows that this is not a very effective approach for developing number sense and problem-solving skills nor confidence and resiliency in learners. In this course, we’ll take a closer look at other approaches that will within a Waldorf classroom in grades 1-3.

You’ll learn to awaken the natural mathematician that lives within every child with inner activity and outer exploration so that they can reach their full potential. Starting in first grade, create an environment where children develop a positive mindset and confidence, so they no longer arrive in the middle grades saying, “Math is hard.” and “I’m not good at Math. I don’t like it.”

This course will be LIVE via Zoom on the following dates and times. I encourage you to join us live, but if you must miss one, a recording will be sent.