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Cultivating a bold and innovative spirit in educating the children of today



Do you step into your classroom each school day and see a roomful of children with a variety of needs and learning styles? Are you striving to apply the wisdom from Waldorf education to meet them, but not sure what would be best? 

Maybe in your class you see children who struggle with listening, focusing on an activity, following a written passage on the chalkboard and more.

Maybe they find learning mathematics or literacy challenging even though they’re quite capable and trying their best. 

Do you wonder how to best support each one of them in reaching their potential?

Join me and let’s come together as teachers to explore innovative and visionary ideas, aligned with Waldorf principles and based on active research in working with children in the classroom today. We’ll also consider current research in the field of education and insights from thought leaders such as R. Steiner, K. König, Sally Goddard Blythe, and Audrey McAllen. 

You’ll awaken to new ideas and deepen your understanding in how to best meet the children you teach in grades 1-5. You’ll be inspired to return to your classroom and take action that will make a difference.

So, let’s create a network of educators interested in cultivating a bold and innovative spirit in educating the children of today. 

Cultivate a bold and innovative spirit in educating the children of today.  

Live Video Courses

Do you wonder what you can do to support the children in your class who are struggling to learn? There are 3 key areas that often need a closer look for Waldorf teachers to help every child be successful in grades    1-3. In these 3 new courses, you will discover what you can start doing tomorrow in your classroom to support your students.

Readiness for Learning

Living Mathematics

Opening the Door to Literacy

Professional Development for Your School

Contact me to schedule professional development for your Waldorf school in one of these 3 key areas for grades 1-3:

Readiness for Learning

Living Mathematics

Opening the Door to Literacy


Do you need support for a specific situation at your school? I offer             in-person consultation for Waldorf schools in the following areas:

Developmental assessments for the upcoming first grade and second grade

Literacy and math assessments for grades 1-5

Classroom observations

Hi! I’m Kelly.

Through a blend of current research in effective teaching and the study of R. Steiner’s insights on education, I’ve explored for over 20 years how to best meet children with a variety of learning styles and needs in a Waldorf classroom today. I’ve experimented with many ideas – some that worked really well and some that didn’t!

I’ve reached an understanding of essential (and non-essential!) components to consider in supporting each child in reaching their potential in 3 key areas where support is usually needed – developmental readiness, mathematics and literacy.

Through sharing these insights, I want to support Waldorf teachers in being empowered to tap into their bold and creative spirit to most effectively and successfully educate the children in their care – particularly those who might puzzle us at times!

I’ve been a Waldorf class teacher in grades 1-5 for 20 years and am currently a Literacy Specialist. I have with a background in Educational Support and expertise in the teaching of Literacy and Mathematics. I’ve also been fortunate to teach hundreds of Waldorf educators over the years and now look forward to connecting in a new format. 

Check out my articles, services, and upcoming courses and join a community of bold and innovative teachers who are creating a network of discovery, exploration, connection, and excellence in teaching.