The view from the mountain summit

From the mountain summit of the majestic Rocky Mountains in Colorado where I live, I can experience the glorious expansiveness and vast beauty all around me. It’s an incredible view to behold and a place where I can imagine new visions for the children of the future.

My vision from the mountain summit – it’s a big one – is to create a network of educators with courageous spirits who want to explore innovative ways to draw out the unique brilliance that exists in each and every child in our classrooms.

I can still picture the 32 children in my first class of first grade in Colorado.

A lively bunch ready to learn! But within a few weeks, I noticed the one who got overwhelmed entering the classroom with the other children and swung his jacket around, hitting them in the face. Then there was the one who couldn’t hear the sounds of the letters or even words very well. “Did you say eagle or evil in the story about the king? ” he asked.

There was also the one who struggled to copy from the chalkboard to paper. She seemed to get lost in the maze of words on the board and couldn’t find her place.

Sound familiar?

If you teach, I’m sure you have children like this or with their own unique challenges in learning.  We all do! 

Do you wonder what would best support the children in your class in reaching their potential? 

I know I did…


Well, I could’ve easily been swallowed up, as if sinking in quicksand, that year in first grade with 32 children with so many different needs. But instead, I became curious!

With a courageous spirit, I began to explore innovative ways to meet the needs of the children in my class. 

A spark was first ignited years ago 

I can still picture 9-year-old Angie who greeted me at the door with a smile and bright, brown eyes while standing on her tiptoes, head cocked to one side, and arms bent rigidly at her sides. She yearned to  read a book like her classmates but struggled with learning. Angie was one of many in a class with learning differences where I volunteered as a junior in high school. (Here’s a photo from a field trip with the class.)

I became curious.

How did the teacher meet the needs of Angie? And also the others?

How can these children reach their potential like others who do not have such obstacles? 

That’s when a spark was first ignited within me! And this spark was rekindled when I met my 32 children in first grade. 

My Area of Expertise and Passion 

Pursuing this passion that was ignited in high school, I completed a bachelor’s degree with a dual major in Elementary Education and Special Education and a concentration in Mathematics. Then, wanting to learn more, I completed a master’s degree in Reading. After several years of teaching and inspired by my discovery of the holistic approach of Waldorf education, I completed training as a Waldorf Class Teacher and Transdisciplinary Therapeutic Educator. I’ve been grateful to have a career as a teacher in grades 1-5 for over 25 years now.

I’m a lifelong learner who LOVES to deepen my own understanding and broaden my horizons in my journey as an educator to better serve the children I teach.

Teaching educators  

What a joy it is to work with educators of today! For 13 years, either in Gradalis Teaching as an Art or at Rudolf Steiner College, I have shared many of the discoveries I’ve made in my active research in literacy, mathematics, and readiness for learning in my classroom.

Now, I’m excited to expand my work to offer professional development through online courses, in-person workshops, digital downloads, articles, and more for teachers who are courageously stepping into exploring innovative ways to draw out the brilliance that exists in every child in their classroom. 

As we journey together, you’ll…

Awaken to New Ideas

Expand Your Thinking

Deepen Your Understanding

Be Inspired to Action


Then you’ll be able to more confidently and creatively meet the varied needs that you experience in the classroom.

Together we can create a network of teachers who discover and innovate together!